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Up First: Stakeholder Interviews

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

To begin the Comprehensive Plan Update, the project team met with locals to discuss their thoughts on the City’s current status and to begin identifying the key issues and opportunities to be addressed by the plan. Community activists, business owners, nonprofit leaders, development and real estate professionals, city staff, and elected officials weighed in on the conversation. Read what they think matters!

Noteworthy happenings

  • Historic downtown has been improving with events and new businesses.

  • The City’s leaders are accessible and engaged

  • The new library being moved closer to Buford Highway

  • Inclusive events such as the Gateway International Festival

  • Active volunteer culture

  • Increasingly diverse population

Weaknesses & Challenges

  • Norcross needs more commercial and industrial properties to continue to support the growth of the City.

  • Lack of affordable housing; even Buford Highway and Beaver Ruin have changed the most and have very high rental rates for its census tracts.

  • The lack of density to support retail.

  • The diverse, but divided community (Buford Highway acts as a boundary)

  • There isn’t enough family and kid-friendly activity/attractions

  • Crime rate has risen in certain areas of the city

  • Cut through traffic is an issue

  • Property maintenance in some parts of town


  • Annexing for commercial tax base

  • Demand for additional housing types from young professionals, seniors, and the local workforce presents an opportunity to imagine a new kind of housing in Norcross and increase the range of options to include smaller new homes, townhomes, and multi-family housing

  • Strategically modifying density throughout the city. More housing units could get a return on investment.

  • Connectivity through Public Transit within the City and to regional destinations, walkability and street beautification, and greenway trails

  • Transform and redevelop Buford highway into a desirable location with a major grocery store and attractive development.

  • Bury utilities for more attractive look and feel

  • Attention to the south/eastern side of Buford highway; there is a lot of potential for growth and real estate.

  • Involve and embraces all members of the community. The voices Millennials and Hispanic residents should be heard.

  • Expand on entertainment options, especially in downtown Norcross

  • Relocated car dealerships, so that they are not the entities welcoming people to Norcross via Buford Highway

  • Explore Opportunity Zones

  • Definitive guidance on character areas as it relates to what is best for the city, including areas beyond the City boundary for annexation opportunities

  • Support for more green space and parks

  • Gateway development as a catalyst for the Buford Hwy corridor

  • The possible transit stop at Jimmy Carter and I-85 as a catalyst for the south/east Norcross area

  • City could have three primary centers of activity or downtowns: historic Norcross, Buford Hwy, and the future Transit Station

  • Future of Buford Hwy as an extension of the international restaurant district which is so popular in Chamblee and Doraville.

  • Wants a more active restaurant scene and a grocery store, very interested in a Downtown Dining District that allows open bottle drinking downtown, similar to what other GA cities are now doing.

  • School quality impact the attractiveness to young families

How do the views of these interviewees line up with the rest of the community? The project team will continue to gather comments from additional stakeholders and conduct a technical analysis of the city’s land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and quality of life assets. Check out ‘Participate’ page for upcoming events and share your thoughts!

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