What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Our Comprehensive Plan paints a picture of what the community wants Norcross to evolve into over the next 20 years and outlines a strategy to get there. It serves as a policy guide for capital investment decisions, rezoning properties, and day-to-day decisions for city staff and elected officials, making sure the city is moving in a direction that fits with the community’s vision. 

Core Components

A comprehensive plan focuses on issues related to land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and other quality of life issues. It has five core pieces designed to set the direction for the city:

  • Existing Conditions Report:  To make sure the new Comprehensive Plan addresses the community’s true needs and context, we’ll start out with an assessment of the current conditions and plans that are already in place.

  • Guiding Policies: A set of policies related to each topic area will help City staff and elected officials make future decisions that align with the community’s desires.

  • Future Development Map: The Future Development Map will illustrate how the overall vision applies to each part of the city.  The map will show the different character areas within Norcross and tie to narratives describing the desired land uses, design, and initiatives for each one.  This map helps making future rezoning decisions, allowing staff and officials to make sure requested rezonings fit with the community’s stated desires for the development of the surrounding area.

  • Community Work Program: Recommended projects to address the community’s goals will be identified in the community work program. It will include relevant projects recommended by previous plans, as well as new ones added to fill in the gaps.

  • Community Vision and Goals: We’ll set our sights to 2040 and imagine what we want Norcross to be known for.  Then, considering our current needs and opportunities, we’ll identify key goals we need to accomplish to get there. The goals from our current plan are:

  1. Continue to define Norcross' sense of place.

  2. Strengthen Norcross as a livable/safe environment.

  3. Increase opportunity for travel via different modes.

  4. Maintain a vibrant economy and facilitate job growth.

  5. Further strong leadership and a high level of quality services.

Our Current Vision:

“Norcross will be a dynamic and welcoming community in which generations of diverse citizens can engage, create, contribute and flourish.”

Building on Our Current Plans

We’re thinking fresh, but we’re not starting from scratch!  The City last updated its Plan in 2014.  We’ve updated it to reflect current desires and trends and to meet state requirements, and have met the deadline to maintain Qualified Local Government Status.


The Comprehensive Plan will also incorporates content from other topic area or location-specific plans drafted by the city, Gwinnett County, and other partners to show a holistic picture of what’s happening in Norcross and identify gaps in planning that need to be addressed.  Related plans include:


  • Norcross Sustainability Plan (2017)

  • Beaver Ruin Greenway LCI Concept Plan (2017)

  • Parks Master Plan (2011)

  • Downtown Parking Study (2010)