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The City of Norcross is dreaming big about its future. We are updating our Comprehensive Plan and our Town Center Livable Centers Initiative Plan as a joint effort, setting up a strong vision for the future and the policy and regulatory tools to make sure we’re on track to get there.

Welcome to the Project Hub 
for Norcross Imagine Our Future! 

The City of Norcross is embarking on two important plan updates over the course of 2023, with anticipated completion in early 2024. The Comprehensive Plan establishes a long-term citywide vision along with policies and actions for achieving the vision. This update will ensure that the plan reflects the community’s priorities for future growth and development.


The Town Center Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Plan will build on the previous update, with new implementation strategies for enhancing pedestrian safety and incorporating electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Town Center and along the Buford Highway corridor.


Each plan plays a vital role in fostering a future Norcross that meets the needs of its uniquely diverse population!

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Project Goals

The goals of the Comprehensive Plan are: Validate the community's vision for the future; review and incorporate recent plans and policies; and explore the ways and means to implement the vision. The goals of the Town Center Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) are: study traffic operations within the Study Area, particularly at the railroad and Buford Highway crossings; evaluate how to better support the transition to Electric Vehicles; and develop implementation strategies for improvement.

Project Schedule

The Comprehensive Plan and Town Center LCI updates are being carried out concurrently. Though there will be two plan documents at the end of the process, “Imagine the Future” captures the spirit of both planning efforts and will be used to refer to both projects.


The planning process involves five key planning phases: project kickoff, information collection, visioning, implementation strategy, and adoption.

There are 5 project phases: project kickoff (February), information collection (February to April), visioning (April to July), implementation strategy (July to November), and adoption (November to February 2024).

The planning team will be gathering community input for both plans through in-person and virtual engagement activities. To learn more about how to get involved, visit the Participate page and sign up for project updates.

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