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August Steering Committee Meeting

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

The Norcross Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee continues to Imagine Our Future. At their second meeting, the group discussed the Community Vision, Needs & Opportunities, and Character Areas. Catch up on our progress:

The Community Vision

Before the meeting, the group had an opportunity to think about the current vision statement, and what they wanted to add or take away.

"Norcross will be a dynamic and welcoming community in which generations of diverse citizens can engage, create, contribute, and flourish."

The committee seemed to like the current vision statement, but considered a couple of changes:

  • Change “Norcross will be…” to “Norcross is and will continue to be…”

  • Add the word “grow” or “growing”

  • Remove the word “can,” or maybe keep it to describe the potential of the actions listed

Character Areas

Character areas outline the vision for different parts of the city and help guide rezoning and investment decisions. They include “sub-areas” of the city, like distinct neighborhoods, communities, or places. These areas typically have similar land uses, building types, and transportation networks. They may contain areas that are expected to grow or change to be more similar to one-another. A character area map for Norcross is already in place as part of the current 2034 Comprehensive Plan. This map and narrative associated with each character area need to be updated as a part of the new 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Steering Committee started out by reviewing each character area in the existing map for the following:

  • Boundaries: do they still make sense?

  • Descriptions: has the area changed much in the past 10 years?

  • Vision: does the vision still resonate or does it need to be tweaked?

Read below to see the committee’s thoughts. You can review to the map at the end to get a visual idea of what they’re thinking.

1 – Atlantic/Peachtree Industrial Blvd

  • Boundary: Move to parcels on Holcomb Bridge Rd and east to Character Area 2 (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

2 – Medlock/Peachtree Industrial Blvd

  • Boundary: Move west to Holcomb Bridge Rd and include parcels directly north or Peachtree Industrial Blvd (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

3 – Norcross High School

  • Boundary: Exclude parcels abutting Peachtree Industrial Blvd (see map)

  • Description: Infill has occurred over the last few years

  • Vision: Remove “redevelopment of older buildings”

4 – North Peachtree St Neighborhoods

  • Boundary: OK

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

5 – Hopewell Woods

  • Boundary: Hopewell Woods should include the Kelly to the west (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

6 – Buford Hwy/Jimmy Carter Blvd Activity Center.

  • Boundary: The Kelly, north of the railroad should move to Hopewell Woods; “wedge” north of S Peachtree St in the Town Center should be added (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

7 – Town Center

  • Boundary: Part of the south side of Buford Hwy should be in the overlay; “wedge” north of S Peachtree St should be moved to Character Area 6.

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

8 – Langford Rd Industrial Center

  • Boundary: OK

  • Description: Need more commercial and industrial tax base

  • Vision: Remove “loft-style”

9 – Summerour Middle School

  • Boundary: OK

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

  • Discussion: Need to improve walkability to connect this Character Area.

10 – South Cemetery Street

  • Boundary: Parcels abutting Buford Hwy and the Cemetery should be a part of the Town Center.

  • Description: Outdoor storage, service vehicles, etc.

  • Vision: Change to “heavy commercial, light industrial character/zoning”

11 – Jimmy Carter Blvd/Brook Hollow Activity Center

  • Boundary: Remove parts west of N Norcross Tucker Rd to create new Character Area. Combine with 13 (Beaver Ruin/Indian Trail Activity Center) to include parts of 12 (Mitchell Rd Neighborhoods) (See map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: OK

12 – Mitchell Rd Neighborhoods

  • Boundary: Remove parts abutting I-85 (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: Change to “medium-density”

13 – Beaver Ruin/Indian Trail Activity Center

  • Boundary: Combine with 11, including parts of 12 (see map)

  • Description: OK

  • Vision: Remove “Master planning transit hub”

Revisions to the 2034 Future Development Map recommended by the Steering Committee

Who was present?

Meeting attendees includes Steering Committee members (Josh Bare, Jolyn Barrow, L.A. Bonds, Rob Girard, Liz Knab, David Murray, Matt Myers, Colin Steuterman, David Stoniecki, Thad Thompson, Jim Woods, Chuck Paul), City Staff (Tracy Rye, Robert Patrick) and members of the project team (Jim Summerbell, Allison Stewart-Harris, and Jonathan Corona).

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